A Confetti of Hardanger Gallery

Here are a just a few of the wonderful finishes that stitchers around the world have achieved!  Scroll down to get inspiration for your very own Confetti of Hardanger! 

If you have a photo you'd like to show off in the gallery, please send me a jpeg to Bees_Needleworks@btinternet.com and tell me your name, whereabouts you are in the world, and any other feedback about your piece that you'd like to share.


Margaret S - TSS Member

Margaret used tone-on-tone threads and linen (to match DMC 928, a pale green), to create this absolutely stunning doily!

Well done, Margaret - it looks gorgeous as a doily and your stitches are perfect!  Just beautiful.

Caroline - TSS Member

I adore the crisp whites and the subtle touches of colour in this beautiful piece.  The dark colour behind really throws those filling stitches into view.

Absolutely stunning - I'd like this one on MY wall!   Well done, Caroline!

Elaine - "Lany" - TSS Member

This beautifully soft version of Confetti reminds me of my wedding bouquet, which was white and peach!   I was so struck with this one, it graced the homepage of The Stitch Specialists for quite a while, drawing lots of admiring comments.  I just know that showing it off here, it's going to draw a lot more of them!

Congratulations, Lany - soft, feminine, gorgeous!

Hazel - TSS Member

Here is an un-cut version of Confetti - and isn't it stunning?

I love Hazel's use of blue, coupled with soft pinks and yellows - how perfect for a Spring finish!

Hazel has displayed hers as a square rather than a diamond and I think it works very well.  You could stand and look at this all day, fascinated by all the different stitches and the textures they've created, couldn't you?

Asbolutely exquisite, Hazel!

Sandra R - TSS Member

This is 'real' Hardanger - classic white-on-white.  You can see why it's been worked this way for hundreds of years, can't you?

Sandra is experienced with Hardanger and chose to use a different filling stitch for her centre - a combination of spiderweb and Dove's Eyes worked in the round, I think?

What more can be said - Classic, Stunning, Perfect.  Well done, Sandra!

Tracy - TSS Member

Tracy has chosen all the colours of spring for her stunning 'Confetti'.  To my amazement and deep admiration, she worked the border by doing all the woven bars in white first, then INSERTED yellow and pink Dove's Eyes, and green buttonhole bars!  I had to include the close-up to show you this - what a feat of perservence and skill!

Tracy, your project left me gasping with awe!


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