Each Sweet Stitch
Design Size: 86 stitches high, x 43 wide

This little sampler was inspired by the huge range of life in just a tiny corner of the garden!  The poem is my own work.  I included my favourite insects - bees (of course!), ladybirds, a lovely 'fuzzy' caterpillar, and an orange-tip butterfly.  I have cherry trees and a pear tree in my garden so these went in, too!

Stitches include Square Herringbone, Woven Cross, Crossed-Cushion, Fan, Colonial Knot, Bullion Knot, Queen, Square boss, and Backstitching Over One fabric thread.  A smattering of seed beads adds the final touch.  Threads are given suggested colours, but please choose your own according to the fabric that you choose to work on - detailed advice is given on how to do this.

Because of the intricate nature of some of the stitches in this piece I recommend a fabric count of no higher than 32.  This is NOT suitable for aida!