Q.  How much is the shipping for the designs?

A.  Nothing!  I do not ship paper copies of my designs.  Because most of my designs are so detailed, like taking a class, sending them as paper copies would push the costs up so high, it's not worth it.  This is why I ONLY SEND MY DESIGNS AS PDFs!!!

Q.  What is the difference between UK A4 format and US Letter format?

A.  In content - nothing (most of the time).  Some US 'spellings' are different to UK versions, but most of the time, the content is identical.  The difference comes when you try to print your design off.  UK/A4 and US Letter are PAPER SIZES.  Most printers in the US and Canada use 'Letter', and most printers in Europe, the UK, and Australia, use A4.  You can find out what paper size your printer uses by looking at the packet your printer paper comes in.  

Q.  What happens if I make an order,  but after 2 working days I still don't see my PDFs in my inbox?

A.  Firstly, start by checking the Home page of the website for any announcements - I may be on holiday, for example, or I may have had difficulty contacting you and need you to use another email address.  If there are no announcements pertinent to you, please read on.

Email programmes are usually pre-set NOT TO ALLOW ATTACHMENTS (unless you have specifically re-set your settings at some point, your programme probably IS set to this).  Some programmes may also be set NOT TO ALLOW EMAIL FROM ANY NON-APPROVED ADDRESS.

If you have received confirmation from Paypal that your payment has gone through, and after 2 working days you cannot see your email from Bee's Needleworks (with your PDF attachments) in your Inbox, you should . . 

(a)  Check in your 'spam' or 'junk' folders ON YOUR COMPUTER
(b)  Check in your 'spam' or 'junk' folders ON YOUR ONLINE EMAIL ACCOUNT PAGE

If your email (with PDF attachments) is NOT in either of these two places (you should check both!) then you should . .

(a) Ensure your email programme is set to allow email messages, WITH attachments, from bee'sUNDERSCOREneedleworksATbtinternetDOTcom (replace the capitalised words with the correct signs).
(b) Contact me at this address, confirming your email address, and that you have ensured your settings will now allow the email with attachments, and ask me to re-send.


Q.  I've tried to contact you repeatedly but you don't reply.

A.  The likelihood is I HAVE replied, but that your email is set not to allow messages from a non-approved address (i.e., an address you have specifically told your email programme to allow messages from).  You need to ensure your email allows messages from the Bee's Needleworks address (above), then contact me again. 

If you ever have this problem please also check the home-page of the website, under 'Important Stuff' (left side of the page, in red) where I will put messages for anyone I am having trouble contacting.

Q.  I left my phone number on the Contact form - but you didn't call me.

A.  Do you live in the UK?  Because I do!   I may not live in the same time-line as you, and phone calls overseas are costly.  It will take me time to figure out what the time is 'at your end',  to find out what the correct code is for where you live, and so on.  For these reasons, unless you live in the UK it's very unlikely I'll try to contact you via your phone number.

Q.  Can't your office deal with things faster?

A.  My 'office' is just me!  I do it all - I keep the website updated, I answer queries, I do the orders, and when I get a moment, I do some designing ;-))   Please be patient.  I may not live in the same time-line as you, I have to do everything myself, and I have 'off days' (I have a chronic pain condition) but it does mean when you send me a message, it's ME that reads it, and ME that replies to you.   I'm not a machine at the end of line, I'm a real human-being!    Please address me as such - getting one liner messages like "Chart not received" just a few hours after it was ordered (my time, 2am) is really not a great way to start off my day!

Q.  I bought a design from you a while ago, and now I can't find it.  Can you send me another?

A.  If you read the answer to the question above, you'll see 'There is Only Me!' at my end of things.  I cannot keep up with replacing designs every time someone loses them (you'd be amazed at how many times this happens).    Every email I send out with purchased designs explains how you can use free, online storage to ensure your precious PDFs will NEVER go missing or be accidentally destroyed, even if your computer goes up in smoke - and I also suggest you print off at least one copy (for yourself) and put this somewhere SAFE.   If I did re-send every lost design, there would never be any new ones at all.  I'm not being mean - I'm being practical!

Q.  I've noticed an error in the design/instructions.  What do I do?

A.  Please tell me about it!  I'm only human and although I proof read everything, I do still miss things.  If you have found an error, or there is something about the PDF you're not happy about,  please, do get in touch with me and let me know - I want you to have full satisfaction from your design. 

Q.  Are you going to do more freebies on the website?

A.  I put most of my freebies on to my forum, The Stitch Specialists (both Yahoogroups and Facebook).  If you become a member (which is free) you'll be able to access them from the Files sections there.  Most of these freebies use special stitches, some are pure cross-stitch, others will include techniques such as Hardanger.  

Q.  I'm stuck on one of the stitches in my design.  What do I do?

A.  Contact me.  If my instructions are not 'connecting' with you, I consider this MY fault - I haven't yet found the right way to help you understand.  It doesn't mean you're stupid!  I am always willing to help, and it's very rare that I can't help someone understand a stitch they are scratching their head over.  If I can't, though, there is always an alternative stitch that will 'fit', and I'm more than happy to help you find one.   "A chart is a GUIDE, not a COMMANDMENT"

Q.  Someone has offered to give me their chart - one of your designs - as they've finished stitching it.  Is this OK?

A.  No, it's not - sorry, it breaches my Copyright.  If you want the design you should ONLY EVER BUY IT DIRECTLY FROM ME, nowhere else, ever.  Copyright breach is putting designers out of business all the time and I am passionate about enforcing mine - I don't take prisoners!  You have been warned, LOL!

Q.  Surely if I've purchased the chart, it's mine - I can sell it or give it away if I want?

A.  No, you can't.  This might be the case for purchased HARD COPIES (i.e., paper or card printed charts) but the same rule does not apply to PDFs, which must not be passed on to anyone else in any form, paid for or not.   If you someone offers you one of my designs for free, or if you see my designs offered for sale, in any form, anywhere else - even if a friend offers you their old copy - please say No! 

Q.  Someone has offered me one of your old freebies - surely that's OK, isn't it? 

A.  No, it's not.  "Free" doesn't mean 'Copyright Free'.   Copyright applies to all of my designs, whether they were free at the time, or still are.  If you'd like freebies from me your best bet is to join The Stitch Specialists forum, either the Yahoo or the Facebook version.

Q.  Is it OK for me to use your stitch diagrams/instructions to show someone else how to do a stitch that I've used in my own design?

A.  No.  You can use the stitch - stitches themselves are not covered by Copyright - but the diagram and the instructions for how to create that stitch are.