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The Stitch Specialists Yahoo Group was set up in 2010, when I found a lack of Email groups for stitchers which catered for those wanting more from their counted stitch work than simple cross-stitch.  Since it began, it has gained rapidly in numbers - 500 in its first year.

The Stitch Specialists Facebook Group was set up in 2015, when several members expressed a preference for the Facebook format - and also because The Moderators had had some difficulties with the Yahoo administration.  However, we decided to keep the old Yahoo Group alive, partly because there are still members who prefer the 'email-delivery' style group, and partly as forums to host Stitch-A-Longs.

Both groups have a friendly, chatty, welcoming atmosphere.  Members from all over the world join us to learn and to share their stitching experiences.  We have members who have never stitched before, members who are highly experienced, several well-known designers and also needlework shop owners on the group (although no advertising is permitted).  

We chat about anything and everything to do with counted stitch embroidery, and sometimes free-style/surface embroidery - from the latest designs, to that fiddly new stitch, to equipment and good internet sites relating to our hobby.   

The groups host many Stitch-A-Long projects which are at a 'token' low price - plus you get it a year or more before the public does!   It also hosts exchanges throughout the year, but you are free to choose how much (or how little) you want to join in with.

The Moderators cover almost 24 hours on the groups, and are always willing to help if you have a problem.

I frequently give away 'freebies' to group members - some of which end up on this website at a later date to be sold to members of the public.  I am always available on the group to answer stitching-related questions and offer suggestions to help you make the most of your stitching.


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Latest News


The Stitch Specialists!


This is Seasons Sampler - a 'semi-mystery' Stitch-A-Long now taking place on The Stitch Specialists (either via the Yahoo Group or the Facebook Group)

This sampler celebrates the beauty of the four seasons, with a plethora of special stitches (no cut-work).  I give suggestions for choosing floss and fabric colours, and my usual clear diagrams and instructions for stitching the piece, together with suggestions for making your sampler unique to you.

Why is it a 'semi-mystery'?  Because you only get to see each season as you come to it!  Above is 'Spring'.  Each season is then divided into 3 easily-manageable parts, so that if you wish, you can fit this one in around your other projects.

Currently ONLY available to members of The Stitch Specialists - please click on one of the buttons above to join us!

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