Kate's Butterflies Sewing Set


This sewing set came about after I took part in a scissor-case exchange on The Stitch Specialists Yahoo group.  My partner, Kate, had listed among her 'likes', "butterflies, turquoise and purple".   I decided to create a design incorporating all of these, and this is the result!  The original sewing set now resides with Kate, where I hope it is being put to good use!

With just THREE colours of stranded floss, it is child's play to create your own colour-scheme.  The possibilities are endless - think Red Admirals on flax linen, Cabbage-Whites on a multi-coloured hand-dyed evenweave, or Orange-tips on black!  You can be as bold or as subtle as you like - how about stitching a set to match a pair of multi-coloured embroidery scissors?

The entire set will only take a couple of days to complete at most - the perfect 'quick-stitch gift' for a stitching friend - although be warned, once finished, you are likely to want to keep the set yourself!

Stitches used are Butterfly Rhodes, Square Boss, Tied Windmill, and backstitch - no cross-stitch at all!  Full stitch instructions and making-up instructions for all 3 pieces are included.