Milady's Blossom Garden - A Drawn-Thread Sampler 

 Price:  10.50 GBP


Milady's Blossom Garden - A Drawn Thread Sampler

  • Stitch count: 277x66
  • Cut fabric: 28ct - 26" by 11",  or 32ct  - 23.5" x 10.5"

In 'olden-time' England, servants often referred to the Lady of the estate as 'Milady', and in many of the great houses here in the UK, we find private gardens laid out to please the tastes of these genteel women.  Often they are themed - perhaps with a colour, such as white.  Inspired by the stunning Japanese 'Sakura' festival, I gave my Lady's garden the theme of  blossom.

I wanted a light, airy, delicate feel and drawn-thread seemed to suit this perfectly!

If you've worked on linen/evenweave fabric before, and you are comfortable following stitch diagrams, this is the perfect 'beginner' project for the technique of drawn-thread. Drawn thread is actually a cut-work technique, although because remaining fabric threads are pulled together to form patterns, it is often confused with pulled-work (where no cutting is involved).   I have made things as easy as I can for stitchers new to the technique, with no re-weaving of fabric threads involved - and yet there are stitches here to appeal to more advanced stitchers, too!

Starting with the boughs of blossom worked in cross-stitch, the project then introduces a few specialty stitches such as Rhodes Heart Stitch and Fan Stitch Flower, and then goes on to talk you through the stages of creating the drawn-thread bands.  Other specialty stitches include Long-arm cross stitch and Montenegrin.

Once you have cut and withdrawn your fabric threads on the drawn-thread bands, you learn various filling stitches, learning how to group fabric-threads using hem-stitch, and using other decorative stitches to create diamonds and wheels, and even suspend beads.

As a bonus, I have included detailed instructions on how to form a folded-hem should you wish to; this forms a rectangular border of drawn-thread work around the design, and neatly finishes the raw edges of your fabric.  This is an optional finishing technique, not shown on the photo here.

Threads are, as always, your own choice, but you may like to use Perle thread No. 12 for the filling stitches and hem stitching, and perhaps a Perle No. 8 for the satin-stitch edges. Keep to colours close to your fabric colour for a more open, airy feel.  Try adding a metallic braid (I prefer Rainbow Gallery's Petite Treasure braid as it doesn't seem to 'snag' quite as much as Krienik), and finally a sprinkling of seed beads to add dimension and sparkle.

This beautiful model was worked by Marguerite from The Stitch Specialists.  My grateful thanks to her for her time and great skill.