The Great Escape was originally run as a Stitch-A-Long on my Forum, The Stitch Specialists.
Here are just a few of the beautiful pieces that were completed by members!  As always, I was astonished at the ingenuity and imagination of the stitchers who worked on this project.
I hope you find some inspiration for your own Great Escape!


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This is my original  'Great Escape', framed by my husband.  I used Gloriana silk floss, and a hand-dyed 28ct linen, with cream seed-beads to finish.

You can see that the subtle use of a few outline stickers on the mount really adds that finishing touch!

Emily - TSS Member

Emily has used a lovely hand-dyed fabric to create a night scene with an almost ethereal feel to it.  The startling splash of vibrant colours in the flowers almost makes it appear as if Wol has been caught in the beam of a torch, or a car's headlights, perhaps?  Emily used Krienik metallics for the moon and stars to give them 'twinkle' - and don't those moths look realistic?  A really lovely version, well done, Emily!

Amanda (Mrs MBK)  -  TSS Member

Amanda has used the same fabric as me, but just look what a difference it makes when you choose different floss colours!  The pinks and browns Amanda has used really 'warm' the whole feel of this piece.  Beautiful stitching!

Deb H's "Pretty Eyes" - TSS Member

This beautiful Snowy Owl has gorgeous yellow eyes!   His white feathers add a 'glow' to light up the colours of the flowers.  Really gorgeous!

Connie -  TSS Member

This gorgeous tawny owl sits among a host of vibrant summer flowers and foliage . . and grey mice!  Both soft and warm, it feels like dusk on a summery evening, beautiful!

Jo - TSS Member

Jo is one of the first members of TSS and I don't think there's many designs of mine she hasn't stitched!  This is one of my favourites from her collection - the fabric works superbly with the snowy owl and those vibrant florals!  A real stunner!

Leigh - TSS Member

This soft and dreamy version makes me think of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream!  I keep expecting fairies to appear :-).   The colours of the moths and flowers are so soft, they almost fade into the background, giving the illusion of depth to the finished piece.  Beautiful!

Angelique - TSS Member

I love this Great Escape!  This makes me think of that hour just before dawn, when the sky is lightening but the sun not yet up, and the moon still high!  Colours are just starting to emerge but the air is soft and still, and the world full of birdsong and scuffles in the undergrowth!  The fabric with its hints of purple in the blue, is perfect for this - and the brown moths work superbly against the silvery fading moon! 

Rona - TSS Member

Rona has kept her design simple, omitting the taller flowers, moon and moths.  Her snowy owl has an almost ghost-like appearance - is he there, or was it just a trick of the moonlight?

And just look at those head-feathers!  He knows YOU are there, even if you're not quite as sure about him! ;-)

Lovely, dreamy piece, Rona - well done!

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