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Below are just a fraction of some of the wonderful Trees created by stitchers all over the world!  I hope they give you some inspiration for stitching your own!

- Bee


Amanda - TSS Member

Wowee!  I just love this Tree - is got FUN all over it! :-)

Just look at that owl button - it could have been made especiallly for this piece, couldn't it?  The blue twisted chord edging makes the perfect border for this colourful, yet very feminine piece - I just want to smile every time I see it!

Congratulations, Amanda - I think this is a winner!

Kim O

Kim has used a wonderful hand-dyed fabric called 'Spice' from Picture This Plus, and a range of hand-dyed threads from Crescent Colors and Weeks Dye Works.

I love the use of cool colours on the warm background, and how the owl is camouflaged!  The little white rabbit adds a touch of whimsy to this beautiful tree!

 By Amanda K (TSS forum member)

A stunning tree in blues, purples and pinks, reminiscent of twilight colours.


 By Karen P (TSS forum member)

Karen has gone 'brilliant and funky' with her eye-catching tree of bright yellow, orange and lime-geens.  She's also added in some extra leaf-stitches on the roots below the tree - autumn has obviously begun!


 Carole P (TSS forum member)

A classic 'spring green' tree, with daffodils blooming below, and a pearl-grey bunny!


 Deb H (TSS forum member)

Deb's worked her tree in fiery reds, and added some extra leaves below to add to the autumnal feel.  If you look carefully, she has decided not to stitch the owl, but has filled in completely with 'leaves.  It works beautifully!


 Jo P (TSS forum member)

A 'fairy-tale' tree, in gorgeous pinks and mauves.  A pure white bunny sits below - where's Alice??  Just stunning.


 Lori (TSS forum member)

Lori's tree is in the midst of an ice-storm!  On a hand-dyed fabric, pale blues, whites and touches of glistening silver add to this tree's winter look.  No bunnys - but two owls, both with white tummys!  Magical!


 Marguerite (TSS forum member)

A real 'summer' tree, in full bloom!  Every shade of green imaginable is in this tree, and yet it all works together perfectly.


 Rebecca K (TSS forum member)

Rebecca's tree reminds me of the strange light you often find between storms on a summer evening - the warm fabric colour helps give this feel, lifting the yellows and greens to give a mellow look.


 Sue T (TSS forum member)

Another winter tree - or is that early spring?  There's a daffodil out - and an adorable white rabbit has appeared!   Beautiful soft colours!


 Zlatina (TSS forum member)

A tree in high summer - you can almost feel the breeze stirring the leaves on this lovely tree by Zlatina!


Anne C (TSS forum member)

Sheer magic - a pinky-purple tree?  But yes, it works!  How fun is this?  Showing off what can be done with just a couple of hand-dyed threads - it's just beautiful.


Melissa G (TSS forum member)

A gorgeous tree, in soft 'bluey' greens on a warm 'summer glow' feel fabric.  The touches of pink at the top of the tree add focus, and Melissa has used more than one colour for some of the stitches, emphasizing their shape and texture.

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